Oct 04

Ford Bronco Is Officially Returning

Ford Bronco Is Officially Returning, Will Be Made In Michigan


The Ford Bronco is returning. I’m not sure if it was a mistake, a slip of the tongue, but it looks like the Bronco will be resurrected.

This news comes from an interview between Bill Johnson, plant chairman for UAW Local 900, which represents the Ford Wayne plant, and Detroit Free Press. In the interview, which focuses on Trump’s talking point of Ford creating a plant in Mexico, Johnson mentions  ever so subtly that the Bronco is coming back.


With these words, Bronco fans around the world rejoiced. Including me.

The previous glimmer of hope we had for the return of the Bronco was back in February when we were presented with 2020 concept renderings. These were created by Bronco6G.com. These renderings are included in this article.

While this brief mention of the Bronco’s return is enough to jump up and down about, we will still have to wait for the official press release from Ford Motor Company. And as soon as we get that, I’ll be sharing it with you here on Autofluence.

The Ford Bronco Is Officially Returning, Will Be Made In Michigan


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