Dec 04

“The Brodozer” by Sparks Motors is a Monster Ready for Anything

car detailing phx az - The Brodozer

Introducing The Brodozer: one mean and modified 2011 Ford F-350 that’s ready to climb just about anything.

Based on the aforementioned F-350 truck, The Brodozer is an insanely capable truck built by Sparks Motors/Diesel Brothers. With four-wheel steering, The Brodozer can steer itself towards just about any obstacle and tackle it with ease. Making sure this truck can power up and over rocks is a 6.7-liter Powerstroke Diesel Motor. Furthering its rock crawling capabilities are a plethora of modifications, including:

  • 20- x 18-inch double beadlock wheels
  • Brand New Modified Axletech 9 ton planetary Axles with disc brakes and air lockers
  • Axletech 2 speed transfer case
  • Peterbilt Drivelines
  • Mickey Thompson 54″x19.5″x20″ Baja Claw Tires
  • PSC Front and Rear Hydraulic Steering Setup
  • King 3.0×18 coil over shocks
  • Custom 4 Link Suspension using monster trucks heim joints and link gives

Yeah, The Brodozer is the real deal.

“The Brodozer” by Sparks Motors is a Monster Ready for Anything

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