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Race-Ready Shelby FP350S Mustang

Ford Unveils Race-Ready Shelby FP350S Mustang

On any given weekend, you will find many flavors of Mustang competing at track days. You can’t deny that the Shelby GT350 is a potent machine, but Ford fans might be reluctant to modify such a new car in order to be certified to race. Keeping a watchful eye on motorsports, Ford Performance has released a new model that arrives ready for record times and race tracks.

The Shelby FP350S is aimed at SCCA and Trans Am series racers who might be scared away from the flat-plane crankshaft of the GT350. Under the hood is a version of the 5.2 liter Aluminator crate engine which uses a traditional firing order and four valves per cylinder. Other goodies include an oil cooler and Motec data recorder.

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Mobile Auto Detailing Ahwatukee - Shelby GT350

Each body panel is continuously welded instead of the spot welds found on production Mustangs. This makes the body much stronger and able to cope with the stress of racing. An FIA legal six-point roll cage is also included as standard equipment. The only transmission offered is a Tremec six-speed manual which has an internal oil pump and cooling system. The press release did not mention any suspension upgrades other than a 3.73 differential.

For more information, contact Ford of Murfreesboro in the link below.

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Ford Unveils Race-Ready Shelby FP350S Mustang

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