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Un-Camouflaged 2017 Ford GT

2017 Ford GT Spotted, Sounds “Interesting”

Now that the first 2017 Ford GT has rolled off of the production line, we will start seeing more and more of these American supercars on the road. In fact, one Redditor, u/Emulsifide, has spotted a GT without camouflage on the roads of Detroit. He notes that he’s seen plenty under camo, but this was his first time seeing one without a veil on the road.

Datailing Scottsdale Mobile - 2017 Ford GT

What’s more, when asked about the sounds of the car, he had an interesting response:

It’s interesting sounding. The guy was just cruising along, so it wasn’t loud, but from what I was able to hear for the 10 seconds I saw it, it did sound like a more subdued version of what they’ve been running in Le Mans this year. Very tasteful, but not what you’d expect when you think Ford. Definitely the sound you’d expect when you think hypercar in general though.

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Un-Camouflaged 2017 Ford GT Spotted, Sounds “Interesting”

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