Jan 16

3,000 Horsepower Lexus RC F

Get ready because you’re about to see what is most likely the fastest Lexus in the world.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by EKanooRacingTV, we get to see an absolutely absurd monster of a Lexus. The car is, or was, an RC F, but it now houses 3,000 horsepower.

In a Facebook post, the racing team said “We are now the fastest door car in the world. We went 5.50 at 447.39 KPH (277.99 mph). We are well on our way to achieving our ultimate goal of being the quickest along with the fastest car with doors. This was achieved in pro boost trim (94 mm turbos at 2550 lbs). I am so proud to say that we built this car in my shop here in The Kingdom of Bahrain.”

Check out the record run below.

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A 3,000 Horsepower Lexus RC F…What?!

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