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Snowball Rally 2017

The road less traveled… Snowball Rally 2017

snowball-rally 2017 - Tempe AZ Auto Detailing

Let’s face it, exotic and luxury car rallies are nothing new. The announcement of another rally may run the risk of becoming white noise in the already crowded automotive industry.

Snowball Rally is here to completely change the game.

Snowball Rally is the first winter driven exotic and luxury car rally. Yes, that’s right – winter driven. Imagine those pristine Lamborghini’s and McLaren’s you see on Instagram sitting idle, now take them out of the safety of their climate-controlled garages and mount them with snow tires.

Snowball Rally - Mobile Detailing Tempe

Participants will be traveling in the dead of winter through some the most severe winter climates the United States has to offer. The rally begins in snowy Lake Tahoe, then makes a quick stop in Las Vegas. Things will surely get interesting as the rally heads to Park City, Utah where drivers arrive in the middle of the Sundance Film Festival. The next day sees participants heading further east to Aspen, Colorado.

If this doesn’t sound extreme enough, Snowball Rally also rented the Aspen Motorsports Park, where its drivers will get to experience a snow-covered race track over two days, each day ending at the ESPN Winter X-Games!


The uniqueness of Snowball Rally doesn’t stop there. The participant list is as exceptional as the event itself. You can’t just write a check and show up – this rally is invite only. The list of participants includes YouTube heavy hitters with over 1.6 million combined subscribers.

Snowball Rally has joined forces with some of the most influential social media alumni and automotive industry leaders, turning this exclusive event into a full force media powerhouse. Snowball Rally will surely be blowing up your news feed come January 2017.

Snowball Rally 2017

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