Feb 21

Acura NSX – Watch Your Car Being Built

Acura NSX Owners Can Watch Their Cars Being Built


To have a hand in building your own car is a rare experience these days. In the world of exotic cars, the highly technical assembly processes leave little room for error. So we were shocked to find Acura pulling back the curtain on building the 2nd generation NSX. The Insider Experience is a one or two day vacation with concierge service at The Joseph Hotel in Columbus, Ohio. A press release this morning outlined six versions of experience, with a starting price of $2,700.

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Single day experiences will be limited to final assembly with customers installing the Acura badge as it rolls off the line. Buyers who opt for the two-day packages will have an opportunity to visit the engine factory in Anna to see the heart of the beast come to life. To make sure every NSX arrives ready for the track, the V6 engine is balanced and given 150 miles of break in before installation. This makes us smile because we see so many exotics that fail to get a proper break in by unscrupulous dealers. Probably because they know it will lead to future service visits. Some of us fall into the category of a minimalist because if I was part of my car’s assembly I would have made sure it left with a roll cage and headers. But Acura is committed to shaking up the world of supercars, so ask our dealers for more information.


Acura NSX Owners Can Watch Their Cars Being Built

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