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Supercars Take Elevator to $40 Million Condo

Supercars Go Up Elevator to $40 Million Condo

In Miami, Florida is the new Porsche Design Tower, a building filled with luxury condominiums. This $560 million tower consists of 60 stories and 132 units, ranging in size from 3,415 to 6,684 sq. ft. While the luxuriousness of these condos is enough to catch your eye, it’s the massive elevators in the building that steal the show.

Built into the Porsche Design Tower are elevators that take the cars of residents up to their respective condos, where they can park them. Yes, that means you can pull your Ferrari up onto the elevator and drive right into your condo on the top floor where it will get a beautiful view of the Miami beaches.

Recently, Lamborghini Miami | Prestige Imports had a few of their supercars up on the 56th floor of the tower. The cars included the Lamborghini Aventador SV, Pagani Huayra and more. In the video below you’ll see how these cars were taken up to the 56th-floor unit and taken down. It’s honestly incredibly interesting to see the elevator in action.

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Watch How Supercars Go Up Elevator to $40 Million Condo

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