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Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

Ceramic Paint Coatings help to extend the life of paint on Cars and Trucks.

One of the Newest advancements in Automotive Paint Protection is the Nano Ceramic Coating for Cars, Trucks and Boats.  The Glass like coating will give your vehicle a deeper shine and provide more protection to help fight against the Arizona Sun which can cause your car to fade and look dull overtime.

CQuartz Ceramic Paint Coating

The Top Seven Reasons why you need to get ceramic coating for your cars
  1. Ceramic Coatings outlast other coatings and wont break down as Wax or liquid sealants.

2. Your Car will stay cleaner longer and be easier to remove bugs and water spots.

3. A Ceramic Coating will keep your car looking like new for years to come.

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4. Your Vehicles surface will be protected and also look shiny and sleek like the first day you bought it.

5. You will save money over the long haul, your car will stay cleaner so you will need to wash your car less  and not have to wax it every couple of months, you would just need to treat the car twice a year.

6. Ceramic Glass Coatings will make your car more scratch resistant

7. Your Paint Coating will stand up better than your factory paint from the outside elements

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Liquid Nano-Ceramic Coating

Can be applied in single or multiple layers for the most protection and durability.

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Great Investment:

If you maintain you Ceramic Coating your car will maintain its value we you turn the lease in or try to sell it.

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Less Maintenance:

You will spend less time cleaning your vehicle because it will repel dirt and water to stay cleaner.

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Glass Coatings:

Will be harder than your factory paint and protect your car from minor scratches and retain your factory paint.

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Ceramic Paint Protection:

Can be described as an additional clear coat, with 3 times the hardness and self cleaning properties.

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